COVID-19 is the Wild West of Investing in 2020!

2020! A year to remember indefinitely in regards to not only a pandemic with political turmoil, but also investment turmoil. Most people don't realize that all are major factors in each outcome. For people who have spoken to me about investments of time and money, they would see a few calls I made that have been spot on (Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Chainlink) and more to come.

I've decided to dedicate this article to all the calls I've made and the broad spectrum of places to park money during times when governments become reckless with the dollar. This will be brief as I plan to go deeper into each subject in my posts to follow.

The List as it stands for 2020

-Gold (hit)

-Silver (hit)

-Bitcoin (hit)

-Ethereum (hit)

-Housing Crises (Starting)

-Chainlink (hit)

-Destabilized USD (Starting)

I'll be analyzing why each prediction hit it's mark, the most important news (by our opinion), a short, medium and long term forecast.

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