Here at Anti-Hedge we put an emphasis on teaching people how to handle their own investments, providing factual news and Networking opportunities! The reason we do this, is that we understand that job markets and economies are changing. Change is not a bad thing, which is why we go against traditional Hedge funds and mutual funds! We Believe sound portfolios come from diversification, flexibility, acquisitions of skills & hard work. Instead of looking at your investment portfolio as a number value, look at is as your future to financial freedom.

Why we do this is because these traditional financial models are bloated, overvalued and a misrepresentation of the actual economy. The economy is us! and we should take a more active role in it so massive corporations stop destroying our hard earned value. Why trust a money manager (who gets paid to win and to lose regardless of YOUR financial turmoil) when you can do it yourself?


The Team

Matthew Théodore Sotos, Founder & CEO

Matt@anti-hedge.com | Phone: 514-265-1553

I am a person of many skills and a large network. I wish to provide you with whatever services you may need within my skill set. Here at Anti-Hedge we DO NOT handle your assets! We teach you to confidently build/handle your own portfolios and network. I started Learning the art of trade during the Crypto Boom of 2017 and its following bear market. This gave me a broad spectrum of trading styles to navigate different types of markets. My specialty lies in volatility trading and building uniquely diverse portfolios. 

The concept for Anti-hedge dawned on me during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020. Having watched as major Hedge funds, bankers and wall street vultures manipulated stock markets and picked apart the average investors/pensions I felt a need for revolution. I saw a large change in the economic structure coming and came up with this flexible investment model. The model is simple, diversify! diversify not only into markets, but also into building skills and network value. 

The Dream

Our goal is to create a unique freelance ecosystem that is a combination of offering services, acquiring skills, identifying lucrative niche markets, creating network opportunities and Putting out factual financial news to help educate our clients. We're hoping to change the playing field and spark revolution in the freelance economy, while teaching people different avenues to build wealth beyond traditional hedge funds.

I founded this company in hopes of changing they way people see investments. It's not simply just a distribution of money, but also an allocation of YOUR precious time. We made the connection that putting your time to expanding your fields of knowledge, is a recession proof investing plan as it will make you flexible with the market and it will lead you to having more power over your finances and freedoms.You can get a very good representation of the economy by looking at the middle class as it shows disparity of wealth when it disappears. Over the years I've watched the eradication of the middle class and we want to bring them back! Our plan to bring it back, is to creatively bring out the hustlers within us.

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